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Yo! We’re Augmented Reality Perth and we specialise in creating cutting edge, custom augmented reality experiences that captivate your audience.


What We Do

Simply put, we build AR Filters.

But there’s so much more..

We Innovation

More Than Trends

At Augmented Reality Perth we know that AR is not just some fad. It’s a whole new way of communication.


Incredible Design

From islands of ice cream to shooting laser beams from your eyes, if you can dream it we can build it.


Worldwide Reach

We also get your AR seen. We know how to market AR to drive traffic & sales to your business.

How it works:

Step 1 – Choose Your AR Filter Type


Face Filters

More than just a classic selfie filter. 


Game Filters

From car races to capturing Pokemon.


World Filters

You can literally change the world.

Step 2 – We Create Your AR

How We Create Augmented Reality

First, you dream it. Then we use cutting edge techniques, innovative design and Perth’s best Augmented Reality designers to create it. All local, all in-house.

Step 3 – We Find Your Your Audience

Why Augmented Reality?

“In 2021 AR received 45% higher engagement than TV”


From socials to classrooms, augmented reality is growing fast. In fact, approximately one billion people are already using it.

AR in the wild.

AR in action

Use Case 

Snapchat Lenses by L’Oreal, Sephora and Rituals Cosmetics

AR in action

Use Case

UNEP & MeshMinds Invite Everyone to ‘Clean the Air” Using Instagram AR Filters

AR in action

Use Case

Check out these amazing branded AR filters winning new business.


What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) basically involves using technology to visually map and overlay visual, auditory or other information over the real-world environment in order to enhance or change people’s perception and experience.

Why choose augmented reality?

AR filters and mobile apps have proven to be a great tool for boosting engagement and increasing revenue and can help businesses to stand out. Many early adopters of the technology have found that implementing it can lead to a big uptick in conversions and interest from their audience.

AR vs. VR – what’s the difference?

Both technologies share a number of similarities but have a number of key differences. 

Virtual reality or ‘VR’ creates an alternative world or reality through virtual simulations. VR relies on equipment like headsets and gloves to help immerse people in virtual realities and replace their field of vision

Whilst virtual reality replaces the real world, augmented reality supplements it and changes it by projecting graphics over real-time objects. AR usually requires minimal equipment in comparison to VR, often requiring little more than a mobile phone. 

How much does AR cost?

Less than you’d think! The cost of the technology has decreased quite substantially as new tools have become available, but many businesses and brands still have a perception that it is out of reach for their budgets.

The truth is brands can access this technology quite affordably. The best way to get an idea of the cost of AR development is to ask us for a quote.


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